An explosion of flavors inspired by the beauty of Ljubovija, or closer to the heart - Azbukovica, the power of Bobija, the view from the top of Tornik and the crystal clear waters of Drina, gave life to our fruit brandy ...



Part of our national heritage is an abundance of customs which vary across the highland, but the one respected by the entire region is not to underestimate or refuse a homemade rakia. Transparent, fragrant, pure, made of different fruits according to the recipes inherited from ancestors and used for generations, entwined with tradition, unique skills, assisted by fertile land, sunshine and breeze, that is the fruit brandy of Western Serbia. 


Right there, in the heart of God-given beauty, is the place where Ljubovija, or as the locals like to call it Azbukovica, is located. It occupies the area of 356 square kilometers, inhabited by, according to the last census, 17.232 people. Above Ljubovija stretches a mountain ridge of impressive Bobija Mountain, with the highest peak Tornik at the height of 1.272 meters and other peaks of similar height like Oštra stena, Opaljena stena, Crni vrh, Rilo, Palež, Krušik… all characterized by the abundance of flora and fauna. A special charm is given to the area by numerous intact/pristine cold water SPRINGS (VRELA), which keep the deepest secret to the quality fruit brandy. 


The combination of traditional technology and contemporary approach to manufacturing has created a unique taste of Vrelo rakia, making many people wonder: What is in it? A glass of Vrelo brandy is made with love and it contains the spirit of Western Serbia, the clarity of mountain springs, the beauty of untouched nature and the pride of knowing you are given the best product.

"​U ovoj casi sam nasao duh sela,
u ovoj casi sam nasao dusu, obraz i ono sto je dobro,
u ovoj casi sam nasao nesto bezbrizno.
U ovoj casi nisam nasao napetost, stres i nervozu ..."

Djordje Pavlovic